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    mr16 LED landscape light


    Subsurface - Well Light
    • Adjustable Gimble - Well Light
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Accepts MR16 LED Lamp

Well Light

El Tatio - Spring Series
Glenwood - Spring Series
Olympic - Spring Series
Pica - Spring Series
Saratoga - Spring Series
Yellowstone - Spring Series

Lighting Objective

Well lights are used primarily for the up lighting of architecture or trees in the landscape when a conventional spot light is not an option or a higher powered light source is needed.

Lighting Challenges

  1. Installation: requires a bit more time and a place to dump the dirt and spoils that are dug out of the holes made for the fixtures.
  2. Moisture: unless well sealed, expect moisture to get into the lamp housing area during heavy rains or times of very high humidity, which could be potentially catastrophic for LEDs.
  3. Adjustability: great care must be taken when choosing the placement locations. It is much more difficult to pick up and move a foot to the left or right with these fixtures.
  4. Maintenance: if using well lights, you will definitely need to make sure you are checking on them from time to time. They will undoubtedly get cover by mulch, grass and/or ground cover plants over the course of time which will block all light output, rendering them useless.


  1. Low profile: One of the best features of the well lights is their ability to vanish in the landscape during the day. Often times, most people would never realize you have a lighting system in place until the sun goes down
  2. Construction: These lights are often constructed with a PVC base that goes directly in the soil and a brass top. The PVC is completely resistant to soil impurities and corrosion, while the brass top is decorative and resistant to airborne corrosion.
  3. Lamp source: These fixtures use either an MR16 or PAR36 lamp which gives them wide adaptability to be used in multiple scenarios.
  4. Grassy areas: Because these fixtures are all underground and only the top sits flush with the surface, they are a great choice to use in grassy areas for lighting trees and other structures where a standard directional spot light would quickly be destroyed by lawn equipment.


Well lights have been and continue to be one of the most widely used light fixtures in the low voltage lighting realm. Their ability to be used in nearly any up lighting scenario coupled with the wide range of usable lamps, continue to give them a firm hold in most lighting designs. Their ability to be in used in grassy areas is their primary strength and the fact that a brighter, more powerful light source can be used in the PAR36 versions gives them distinct advantage over directional spots in some intances.