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  • pathway light landscape lighting


    Pathway Lighting landscape light


    Heavy duty underwater light
    • Solid Cast Brass Fixture
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Water Tight
    • Accepts MR16 LED

Water Light

Caspian - Specialty Series

Lighting Objective

Underwater spot lights are used to illuminate the bottom of ponds, cascading waterfalls and large fountains

Lighting Challenges

  1. Installation: requires a bit more time to place the fixtures within the water features and conceal the wiring.
  2. Moisture: this is pretty obvious, but if you are not careful assembling the fixture after inserting the lamp, water intrusion can be catastrophic.
  3. maintenance: underwater lights get dirty very quickly due to the scum and dirt that wind up in water features (they will cover the glass with a film of dirt that will diminish light output unless cleaned frequently).


  1. Direct immersion: some of the very best lighting effects for water features are created by getting the light source right under the fountain nozzles or under the falling sheets of water. Only an underwater light can achieve these neat effects.
  2. Construction: Most underwater lights are usually pretty well built to withstand corrosion, but more importantly have very good gasket seals to keep water out of the lamp housing.
  3. Lamp source: These fixtures use an MR16 lamp which gives them wide adaptability to be used in multiple scenarios.
  4. Adaptability: These fixtures can be used in ponds, pond-less features and even ornate fountains. Anywhere you would use a directional spot where the thread of constant water exists.


Underwater lights fill a very niche role in the lighting designers palette. When placed and used appropriately, they can create some really neat effects within fountains, waterfalls and ponds that no other fixture can give you by the simple fact that they can be placed within the feature itself without fear of harm or fixture failure.