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Wash Lights

Antigua - Caribbean Series
Aruba - Caribbean Series
Jamaica - Caribbean Series

Lighting Objective

Outdoor lighting designs will have many varied levels of light to create drama, ambiance and general area lighting. Wash lighting is used when needing to create a more muted level of illumination on walls, trees, roof dormes or other landscape and architectural features.

Lighting Challenges

  1. From a design sense, knowing how to use the wash light effectively by knowing what should be bright and what should require less illumination.
  2. Understanding the reflectivity of what you are trying to light and determining if a wash light or a directional spot light is the right choice.


  1. Wash lights are perfect for when you need a more subtle and diffused source of light on walls or focal features.
  2. Easy to install and adjust as needed.
  3. Our wash lights come with a variety of lensing options to allow you to tweak the diffusion level of the light output to get it just right.
  4. Wash lights are small and easy to hide in the landscape, making them a great choice for many applications.
  5. The glare is minimal compared to directional spots making it easier to use around walkways and sitting areas.


Wash lights make a wonderful addition to the illuminated landscape. When used correctly, they add depth and warmth to any lighting scene. They are perfect for lighting small walls, statuary, plants and trees. The gentle glow of light that is emitted from them makes them perfect for creating visual bridges of light between major visual focal features in the landscape too.