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    mr16 LED landscape light


    Configured for Lighting Small Features
    • Heavy Duty Cast Brass
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • MR8 LED Lamp Included

Small Features

Landscape Lights Pre-configured for Lighting Small Features

Small features or “focal points” in the garden can play a fun role in the lighting design. Small features can be anything from a statue, urn on a pedestal or even some interesting piece of garden art. When lighting these types of elements it is a good idea to take into consideration all the different angles from which this feature can be viewed from. This will be the primary guide to help you determine the quantity and placement of luminaires for these features.

Bahamas - Caribbean Series - Small Features
Bermuda - Caribbean Series - Small Features
Grenada - Caribbean Series - Small Features
Tobago - Caribbean Series - Small Features

Lighting Challenges

  • Understanding the prominence of the feature in the garden (should it be a primary visual feature or more down played with the rest of the garden?)
  • Placing fixtures around the feature to cover all the viewing angles without causing nuisance glare.
  • Considering any competing focal points around the feature

Lighting a small feature in a garden is really pretty easy and most never really give it a second thought. A few considerations you might think over before lighting these features would be to the prominence of the feature to your client (do they love it and want it to be center stage in the garden or merely a supporting actor in the overall scene). You must also consider if this feature is something that is only visible from a distance or will people be able to walk up close to it and all around it. Careful attention must be taken in placement of the fixtures so as not to cause light trespass to those walking by it.

Lamp & Placement considerations

  • Lamp: For smaller features, a lower lumen light source is adequate. For light colored features use a mini wash light with a 3 watt bi-pin lamp. For darker or taller features, I like a 3.6 watt- 60 degree- MR16 LED.
  • Placement: This will vary depending on the type of feature and the different viewing angles.

*Note- Every small garden feature is unique and the lighting design for each must be approached on a case by case basis. One size does not fit all, so take into account the individual desires of the client and place fixtures and luminaires accordingly. These considerations are just basic guidelines.