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  • pathway light landscape lighting


    Pathway Lighting landscape light


    Configured for lighting small trees
    • Heavy Duty Cast Brass Fixture
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • MR16 LED Lamp Included

Lighting Small Trees

Landscape Lights Pre-configured for Lighting Small Features & Trees 

Small trees play an important role in the illuminated landscape because they help to visually anchor architectural features to the landscape and add a good deal of visual foreground interest to lighting scenes

Bahamas - Caribbean Series - Lighting Small Trees
Bermuda - Caribbean Series - Lighting Small Trees
Grenada - Caribbean Series - Lighting Small Trees
Tobago - Caribbean Series - Lighting Small Trees

Lighting Challenges

  • Small trees (5-15’ tall) are generally more numerous in the landscape than large trees, so careful selection of which ones to light should be made to keep the lighting scene from becoming too cluttered visually.
  • Small trees are often underestimated because of their small size and as a result will often be under-lit or unevenly lit.
  • Light sources and placement must be carefully selected to avoid “hot spots” due to the low branching of the shorter trees.
  • Smaller, “accent” type trees are often placed along walkways and near front doors. Great care should be taken in the placement of luminaires to diminish the potential of nuisance glare.

Lighting small trees will generally require a softer “wash” type of light or a more directional type of spot light simply based on the size and width of the tree as well as the density and thickness of the leaves and branching. Trees with lighter colored leaves (light green, yellow or variegated) will require a lamp with fewer lumens to light it properly because of the higher reflectivity and translucence of the lighter colored leaves. Trees such as southern magnolia varieties or ornamental pears will often require brighter light sources to offset the absorption of light caused by their darker leaves. Smaller trees look substantially better when they are cross-lit by two to three luminaires to eliminate a dark side which will make a tree look lopsided at night.

Lamp Considerations

  • Trees 4-7’ tall with a wide spread: Use a small wash light with a 3 watt b-pin LED lamp to gently illuminate the outer branches and leaves without causing hot spots.
  • Trees 8-15’ tall with a moderate spread: Dark thick leaves, more dense canopy- use 5 watt-30 degree LEDs. Light colored leaves, more open branching: use 3.6 watt- 30 degree LED lamps.

*Note- Small trees vary in size and shape by species and each one must be approached artistically on a case-by-case basis as to the number of fixtures required and placement of individual fixtures. The shape and branching habit of the tree will be the primary factor that will dictate fixture placement.