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  • Landscape lighting large trees


    par36 LED landscape light


    Configured for Lighting Large Trees
    • Solid Cast Brass Fixture
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • PAR36 LED Lamp Included

Lighting large Trees

Landscape Lights Pre-configured for Lighting Large Trees

Large trees are generally primary visual objects and anchor points in a landscape. Illuminating these large trees after dark can be visually dramatic and also very useful for anchoring and keeping architectural objects such as homes in scale with the landscape

Bahamas - Caribbean Series - Lighting large Trees
Bermuda - Caribbean Series - Lighting large Trees
Glenwood - Spring Series - Lighting large Trees
Jamaica - Caribbean Series - Lighting large Trees
Tobago - Caribbean Series - Lighting large Trees
Yellowstone - Spring Series - Lighting large Trees

Lighting Challenges

  • Large trees (50’-70’) are very tall and it is often difficult to illuminate the upper canopy and interior structure adequately.
  • Large trees often have very dense canopies making it difficult for the light to get past the first few sets of lower branches and illuminate the upper leaves well enough to be seen from directly below.
  • Large trees require multiple fixtures (sometimes 7-15 fixtures or more) to illuminate the tree evenly from the inside and the outside which can blow a budget if done right.
  • Large trees require much brighter light sources to illuminate them properly.

Lighting large trees generally requires a two stage approach to illuminating the trunk and inner branching of the tree as well as getting ample light on the outer leaves of the tree to show it’s shape and fullness. A small group of fixtures will need to be placed out about 5-6’ from the base of the tree’s trunk, all around the tree. These are the fixtures that will illuminate the inner branching structure of the tree. Occasionally you may need to remove some interior branches of the tree to allow light to pass up through the main body of the tree. A second set of lights will also need to be placed much further out (usually 8-12’ beyond the trees outer drip line). These outer lights are used to illuminate the trees outer leafy canopy.

Lamp Considerations

  • Interior branching: PAR36, 10w and 13w, 60-degree lamps will be the best choice to evenly illuminate the inner branching.
  • Outer canopy: PAR36, 10w and 13w, 30-degree lamps will be the best choice to evenly illuminate the outer leaf canopy. *The 30-degree lamp has a more powerful center beam, which will more easily reach the upper canopies over the 60-degree versions.

*Note- Large trees vary in size and shape by species and each one must be approached artistically on a case-by-case basis as to the number of fixtures required and placement of individual fixtures. The shape and branching habit of the tree will be the primary factor that will dictate fixture placement.