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    Configured for Lighting Columns
    • Solid Cast Brass Fixture
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • MR16 LED Lamp Included

Lighting Columns

Landscape Lights Pre-configured for Lighting Columns

Columns can play a major role in an architectural lighting scene. They are generally placed prominently within a homes architectural design as a strong visual element. They can range from simple to ornate depending on the style of the homes architecture. Usually, columns are placed well out in front or even away from any of the homes primary architecture which requires us to illuminate these features to help link one side of a home to another or call attention to an entryway. Column illumination can be handled in either an up or down lighting scenario (or even sometimes a combination is called for. Either way, it is important to address these architectural elements when putting together an architectural lighting design.

Bahamas - Caribbean Series - Lighting Columns
Bermuda - Caribbean Series - Lighting Columns
El Tatio - Spring Series - Lighting Columns
Glenwood - Spring Series - Lighting Columns
Jamaica - Caribbean Series - Lighting Columns
Tobago - Caribbean Series - Lighting Columns
Yellowstone - Spring Series - Lighting Columns

Lighting Challenges

  • Columns come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether one light is adequate to illuminate them or if you should be using two lights when columns are “paired up together”.
  • Columns are usually placed around steps, balconies and walkways. Light trespass and nuisance glare can be a problem if placement is not considered thoughtfully.
  • Columns will range in varying surface textures and colors. The absorption and reflection ability of the substrates must me considered when choosing the appropriate lamp.

Lighting columns presents a few challenges that can easily be overcome. The first step in determining which lamp to use is to know the effect desired. If a column is lit from the bottom up, you must take into account the soffit and fascia trim that will also be illuminated on either side of the column, this is generally a desired look because it ties the roof and fascia lines all together. Sometimes columns are placed next to stairs where people will be moving up and down. Having an up light at the bottom of a column in these situations can often be dangerous due to glare. Have a bright light shining in your eyes when negotiating a staircase (especially for the elderly) can be annoying and dangerous. In these types of situations, placing the light above the column and lighting down will achieve the effect of calling attention to the detail of the column, but it will also provide much needed illumination directly on the staircase itself.

Lamp Considerations

  • Columns 8-12’ tall: Light colored stone or stucco- 3.6 watt- 30 degree MR16. For a darker colored surface, use a 5 watt- 30 degree- MR16 lamp.
    *Note- If down lighting from above the column- use a 60 degree lamp to eliminate a hot spot at the top of the column and to spread the light better on walkways and steps.
  • Columns 12-20’ tall: Light colored stone or stucco- 5 or 6 watt- 30 degree MR16. For a darker colored surface, use a 6 watt- 30 degree, MR16 or 10 watt- PAR36- 30 degree lamp.