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Pathway Lighting with Nightscaping Steel Bollard

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Lighting Large Two Story Homes

Everything you need to know about lighting two-story homes Illuminate striking architectural angles and curves with warm, modern lighting. Strong or subtle lights create distinctive curb appeal, attracting the attention of neighbors and passersby. At night, roofs tower over the street, displaying dramatic shadow lines under and across peaks and individual shingles. Add additional lights to [...]

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Lighting Small Trees

For all intended purposes we'll only be considering trees between the range of 5' and 15' for this article. There’s a good chance that your customer's landscape is filled with trees this size, especially if its a new construction home. These small trees should be strongly considered as a viable part of your overall lighting [...]

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Pathway & Area Lights

Why Pathway or Area Lighting The main purpose of pathway and area lighting is ground illumination. Commonly, pathway lights may be used to: Light sidewalks. Accentuate and enhance the plants and floral beds around paths and patios. Illuminate pathways for safety. Cast light around patio spaces for greater beauty. Can be used with low or high powered long life LED [...]

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Introduction To Downlighting

Use of Down Lighting Sometimes, it is not possible or desirable to use area or pathway lights to illuminate sidewalks, patios or pathways on the ground. In that case, down lighting is often a better choice. The purpose of this lighting would be to illuminate key garden focus points, special features and routes for [...]

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Lighting Large Trees

Highly visible large trees such as live oaks often act as visual anchors for many landscape lighting designs. Properly illuminating enormous trees can be visually powerful and keep architectural objects in line with your overall lighting design.LIGHTING CHALLENGES Big trees (50’-70’) pose a great challenge when trying to illuminate the upper canopy and the inner structure. Most [...]

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