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  • pathway light landscape lighting


    Pathway Lighting landscape light


    Adjustable Shroud Reduces Glare
    • Heavy Duty Cast Brass Fixture
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Accepts MR16 LED

Down Lights

Lucia - Caribbean Series

Lighting Objective

Down lighting is typically used when the use of path or area lights is either not an option or not desired. The primary objective of this lighting effect is to illuminate key focal points, features or access routes on the ground.

Lighting Challenges

  1. In most cases (but not all) tree mounted down lights need to be placed 15-20’ high in the trees requiring larger extension ladders.
  2. You will have to contend with thick brushy trees sometimes that will require some pruning to open up the branching for light penetration.
  3. Glare control is a must. Most tree mounted down lights have a long glare shield. Be sure to keep the angle or direction of beam low to eliminate direct glare from the light source.
  4. Aiming can often be challenging at 25’ or higher. Place a green laser on the body of the fixture aiming down to help with alignment. Green lasers are much brighter and easier to see during the day when adjusting
  5. Hiding the cables can be difficult. Try to run your cables on the back side, or least visible side of the tree fastened with stainless steel hardware only.
  6. Sometimes mounting locations are very limited, so the use of down lighting cannot be maximized fully.


  1. Down lighting allows us to illuminate a much broader area with fewer fixtures than traditional path lights.
  2. When placed selectively and at much higher vantage points, down lighting will create some neat shadow patterns on the ground as it illuminates through leaves that are below the beam of light.
  3. Using tight focal beams (15 degrees), down lighting allows us to key in on primary features such as statuary, birdbaths or even a table without splashing much on neighboring features.
  4. Using wider focal beams (30-60 degrees) allows us to gently wash broader areas such as a beautiful floral bed or walkway directly beneath or near to the mounting location.
  5. Down lighting provides a much cleaner look in the landscape by eliminating a lot of ground clutter (path lights). The source of the light is much more easily concealed by day and night.
  6. It is often more cost effective than path lighting because a greater area can be illuminated with fewer fixtures


Down lighting offers a very unique and highly attractive lighting effect to the nighttime scene. It looks best when used in conjunction with up lighting to eliminate the “hot spot” in the trees to help disguise the source. Mounting locations can be varied from tall trees to structures such as pergolas and roof lines. The biggest advantage is being able to use fewer luminaires to light a much broader area without the use of path lights cluttering up the landscape.