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Deck Lighting

Fulton 4" - Montogomery Series
Fulton 6" - Montogomery Series

Lighting Objective

Deck lighting is used to illuminate the edge of deck and patio spaces along with bringing illumination to stairs leading to the yard spaces.

Lighting Challenges

  1. Installing deck lights after the deck and railings have been built can be technically challenging. Preplanning the layout of the fixtures and cabling prior to construction will make the process much easier.
  2. A basic understanding and skillset for wood working is a plus so that disassembling the structure and integrating deck lights goes smoothly without costly damage.
  3. You will need some basic wood working equipment such as drills, auger bits, power saws and often times routers to get the job done right.


  1. Deck lighting will allow you to bring light onto the deck areas where other means of illumination are not possible.
  2. Deck light fixtures are small and visually clean which makes them perfect for mounting on columns or deck posts.
  3. Stairways are well effected by the use of post mounted deck lights. They cast a very broad area of light across the treads making them easy to see and navigate after dark.
  4. There is virtually zero glare associated with these lights which make them great for adding around a deck space for visual comfort at night.


Deck lights are a great option to consider when needing to add illumination to deck areas and stairs. They are incredibly adaptable and mount easily on posts or other wood surfaces. They can even be used effectively and creatively in hardscape settings. Their sleek and classic round design makes them right at home in settings varying from rustic to modern. On stairs, when budget is a concern or just wanting to illuminate a wider area, consider using deck lights over step lights to help minimize project costs.